Learn About Tire Rotations with Berman INFINITI of Niles

April 22nd, 2019 by

At Berman INFINITI of Niles, our goal is to not only provide exceptional service, but to make sure our customers are informed about their vehicle and how properly maintaining your vehicle can extend the lifespan of essential parts of your vehicle. Tire rotations are meant to keep the wear of your tire even, and a tire rotation is one of the most effective services performed in order for your tires to sustain a long, healthy life.

While driving, all four tires are subjected to different forces. Turning, braking, and powering drive wheels will wear tires differently depending on what corner of the vehicle they’re on. The outside edges of the front wheels may wear quicker, and the inside edges of the rear tires may wear quicker. When tires are rotated, they “take turns” being subjected to the differing forces, ensuring even wear.

The actual process of getting your tires rotated is a quick and painless operation, which means you will be in and out of our Service Center in no time with our Express Service! Call us at 773-828-4857  or visit us today at 5733 W. Touhy Ave in Niles!

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